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Stormontfield is located in an area of outstanding natural beauty, tucked away in a small seclusion, on the eastern bank of the River Tay, some 4/5 miles north of Perth. There is evidence that this small area has been populated for thousands of years, an abundance of archaeological artefacts, stone circles, stone coffins, Roman roads etc., all bear witness to the passing of populations and generations of people through the ages. Curiously, the area doesn't appear to have changed very much, we have been spared the spread of industrial development, housing booms, and redevelopment sprawls that have afflicted much of the rest of the country.


towards the pulpit

Grannys Uncle Jack, taken at the Ponds (photo from Colin Mackay)

Updates:  May 2106 Scrimgeour family photos sent by Colin Mackay.
update to
Fishponds page

New  Page added tempoarily in the Fishponds area.  More details to follow.

Hall events and information
Additions to: Photos Page and Memories Page; Innerbuist Meal Mill query; School page - a certificate of Merit from 1923 & new photos; the Visitor Notes and Visitor Memories Page; Article on the Mills of the area from P. Wingfield-Stratford from Oxford (article placed on the Lade Page); new photo of John Morgan on memorial page;  coming event at the community hall ; Addition  to The Lade Bleaching Mill Page

About the website

Contained within this site are the names and memories of some of the residents and many former residents, to whom we owe a debt of gratitude, who have quietly collected a wealth of historical information to pass on to future generations of this peaceful place

The local history of the area, in words and pictures, was traditionally stored and displayed in the Community Hall (formerly Stormontfield School), but the display, was steadily deteriorating and was removed (it has since been reinstated); it was felt that a commitment to the electronic age was necessary, and vital, to preserve the knowledge for future generations.

The information from the former display in the hall is on this site, along with much more which has since been researched, and thanks to the many wonderful stories and pictures sent by people who have lived here in the past, we now have a wonderful insight into the way Stormontfield used to be.  Many of the stories are on the visitors memories page, and throughout the site.

cambusmichael Bell

Cambusmichael Church

Pauline Edmonds, Colenhaugh

Stormontfield lade bridge

 Lade Bridge

Photo by Dr Robert Kempson

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