Innerbuist Mill

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Innerbuist Meal Mill

Innerbuist Meal Mill

Youth Club’s visit of the Flying Doctor

Youth Club Visitor

Rhoderick Godfrey,     John Black,     Rev. Ronnie Robertson,     Dr Neil Duncan (Flying Doctor), Mjr.McGregor (Director, Lumsden and Mackenzie), Miss.Sarah Robinson, Alex Don.

There were two mills on the 1/2 mile route to Waulkmill from Colenhaugh, one of which was Innerbuist Mill.

Due to the influx of evacuees into the district after the war, it was decided that there was a need for a Youth Club. There was nothing to keep a teenager occupied in Stormontfield at that time, and it was Miss Sarah Robinson of Hill House who volunteered to be a Sunday School Teacher, along with the help of Margot Harrier of Colen Farm, and Alan Scott. The first meetings were held in the Old Barley Mill at Innerbuist on the lade Road. They later moved to the school when the floor of the Barley Mill started to break up.  Amongst the activities were, games, a sale of work, and people would give talks about their jobs, as a result Tayside Police gained two new recruits.  Another visitor was a Flying Doctor who had been in that service in Australia. He was on leave, when he lectured to the Youth Club at Stormontfield. He was also pioneering radio links with pedal powered radios for the remote villages, so that they could make contact in a time of need.

I have found the information on your site about  Stormontfield very interesting. I am wondering if you are able to tell me if I  am likely to  find any kind of information about a direct ancestor of mine,  who was described as a 'miller' at Innerbuist Stormontfield.  John Gould was living in Scone certainly from  1790s  to 1840s. (Almost certainly born there c 1758) He was buried at  New Scone in 1848. In the 1841 Census New Scone he was still recorded as a  miller aged 83.

I believe that he must have been a miller at  Inerbuist for many years, and would be very interested to find any  information on flour mills in the area at the time, as regards working  conditions etc. I hope that you don't mind me asking you. I just  wondered if there are local records, although I suspect if there are any  they will be held in the Perth Library Archives.
Regards  Isobel Jones    5/7/2010