Local Areas

In this section there is much of interest, with a wider picture of the surrounding area.  Many small groups of houses, each with their own history and pride in their area.

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Waulkmill - The name Waulkmill is widely found in many other areas of Scotland, and “Waulking” is a process of finishing cloth, often with fuller’s Earth, to achieve the shrinking of, or binding tighter, the work of the weavers. The weavers were a cottage industry before the advent of water powered mills for weaving.

Cambusmichael - The area of Cambusmichael derives it's name. in part, from Gaelic, "Cambus", which signifies "a small low plain", and the church, Michael, thus the plain of Michael - Cambusmichael.

Stone circles - are thought to be monuments which were set up in prehistoric times as shrines to ancient gods, ritual meeting places of the living, and burial places for the dead. They were reused, and added to over many centuries, just as churches have been in more recent times.

River Tay - Stormontfield is situated on the east bank of the River Tay, which has been famous throughout the years for salmon and trout fishing. The River in the past, always provided income and employment for the Stormontfield area.