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Time Line for the Area History

16?? - Thomas Dog was the earliest recorded burial in Cambusmichael Churchyard

1703 - Cambusmichael Churchyard (2nd burial) Helan Blear aged 36

1757 - Viscount Stormont granted a lease to Build a Printfield and Cotton Spinning Mill

1763 - Date on one of the Colenden cottages

1784 - William MacAlpine sent a letter to George Dempster MP requesting an introduction to Lord Stormont

1787 - Proposed route of the lade was drawn up by William Blair. 

1787 - A 99 year Lease granted in favour of William MacAlpine to build a Printfield and Cotton Spinning Mill at Colenhaugh

1787 - Proposed route of the lade was drawn up by William Blair Jnr.  Map of the completed lade was drawn by Henry Buist

1791 - A total of 450,000 yards of cotton and linen was bleached at the mill.

1792 - Stormontfield Bleachfield; this place had its name changed from Colenhaugh to Stormontfield

1811 - Napoleonic prisoners of war shipped in to Perth and kept in 'the Depot' until 1814

1816 - Approx. date - petition handed to the Earl of Mansfield for a proper school to be erected.  Due to the generosity of the earl the school was built

1824 - Allowance of 4 per annum was paid to D. Smith [teacher at Stormontfield], and 2 per annum by John Maxton.

1832 - Alexander McGlashan, Innkeeper, Tenant Farmer and Ferryboat of Waulkmill.

1839 - Stone coffin [cyst] found in the area (contained human remains)

1853 - Stormontfield operations, or experiments were commenced

1854 - Stone coffin [cyst] found in the area (contained human remains), final coffin found in 1855

1870 - (approx. date) The Thistle Brig Ridge was blasted in the centre of the river, it is thought to be done ease the passage of salmon passing upriver to


1871 - Sir John Millais painted 'Flowing to the Sea' at Waulkmill

1872 - State education became law and the school comes under the jurisdiction of Scone School Board

1873 - John McIndoe is the first headmaster after State education law

1877 - Proposal for change of boats employed at Waulkmill, and to substitute a twin chain boat

1877 - The Earl of Mansfield introduced a twin-hulled, chain operated boat which required a heavy post on the west bank to fix the chain to

1853 - Stormontfield piscicultural experiments commenced [salmon breeding].  Mr Robert Buist held the office of Superintendent of the Tay until 1866

1853 - James Stewart, Civil Engineer, also involved with the salmon breeding ponds

1861 - Mill closed - recession in the cotton trade brought about by the American Civil War

1862 - William brown produced a book - The natural history of the salmon

1864 - A larger pond was added to help with the piscicultural experiments

1867 - Lease granted to David Lumsden, owner of a Company which was to be known as Lumsden & Mackenzie

1872 - State Education became law, the school came under the jurisdiction of the Scone School Board

1886 - RWR Mackenzie became a partner at the mill, and moved from Almondbank to Stormontfield

1891 - Accident at Waulkmill ferry involving loss of two horses and a cart

1896 - Work started to build the Church [St David's Mission Chapel]

1909 - Meeting to discuss housing for a library and necessity for hall and reading room

1910 - Reading and Recreation room opened by RWR Mackenzie

1912 - Caretaker paid 3/- per week when rooms open

1913 - Band practice allowed

1913 - New Garret Wagon was delivered

1914 - Daily papers stopped and subscriptions lowered  for the reading and recreation room

1915 - Men away at war - no entertainment and rooms shut, only open once a week for band practice

1921 - John Tait granted use of reading room once a week for hair cutting

1921 - Miss May Fenwick, handled the chain operated ferry at Waulkmill until 1928, then she worked a conventional rowing boat.

1924 - Lady members for the reading room were voted down.

1924 - Billiard table bought for reading room

1926 - Proposed installation of electricity, hall closed due to lack of coal

1933 - 10 grant towards the cost of a piano for the hall

1938 - Empire Exhibition Outing

1939 - Many of the local men received their call up papers

1940 - late 1940's, tractors introduced on the farm (two green Fordsons), then David Brown Crop masters superseded the horses

1940 - Miss Faith was one of the School teachers at Stormontfield School

1941 - Stormontfield home guard drilled and practised "manoeuvres" in preparation to defend Stormontfield in case of invasion

1942 - (approx. date) Boag Cottages settling pond drained to clear out rubbish

1946 - Generating Station built below the Beetling Mill

1959 - Miss Bathgate arrives to teach at the school and remains until its closure in 1973

1962 - Request for financial assistance from Stormontfield Amenities Committee to extend and improve village hall

1964 - Waulkmill Ferry ceases operation

1964 - Last burial in Cambusmichael Churchyard

1971 - Fire at the bleachworks

1971 - David Scott was the last manager of the mill

1972 - Waulkmill ferry fares sign is replaced

1973 - Stormontfield School closes after 100 years of State Education Law

1984 - School building has been closed and now opened as a Community hall.

1984 - Opening ceremony performed by Dorothea, Countess of Mansfield

1985 - Church sundial is stolen and is missing for several days before being found in the Craigie district of Perth

1992 - Oil seed rape crop study carried out at Stormontfield

2001 - Community Hall Closed, and in need of repairs

2003 - Community hall has reopened

2009 - 25th Anniversary of the opening of the Community Hall

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